My top 3 Slot Games

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We all have our favorites when it comes to casino games. Some people prefer roulette some blackjack etc and some just love casino slots. I am one of these slot games lovers! I get so excited when i play slots and hit a bonus round but i also get very disappointed when i don’t hit a bonus round of course…its not happening every time. Thats why i wanted to create the top 3 slot games ( for me)

However the excitement i get when i hit that bonus round is much bigger than the one i get when i win at the blackjack or roulette table. I think most people get excited by big wins and slot machines give you the chance tgo win big sometimes with a small bet. Something you can’t get with roulette or blackjack.

The slots i have chosen are the ones that have been generous to me when i hit theor bonus rounds that’s why i like them so much 🙂

Here are my top 3 casino slot games of all times (until now)

Gladiator Slot


This slot game has paid me so many times that its definitely on my top 3 mainly because of the bonus round. The Colosseum bonus round is one of the best and most well paid bonus rounds i have come across. Just hit 3 Colosseum scatter symbols and you are through to the bonus round where you get random free spins, multiplier and scatters. There is also always the chance to hit the Jackpot 🙂

The Pig Wizard Slot

pig wizzard Bonus

Another slot game that is one of my favourites because of the bonus rounds. Once you hot the 3 scatter pig wizard symbols you can choose one of the four bonus rounds. Most of the times these are paying quite well. There are numerous times where you don’t even need a bonus round to get paid well since the pig wizard can randomly freeze entire columns with scatters and then you are up for a good payout.

Life of Brian Slot

life of brian slot game

This one is a quite recent slot game but it has already won enough points for me to get a place in the top 3. The Life of Brian slot game is based on the Monty Pythons movie of course and i picked this one not so much for the payout of the bonus rounds but for the overall experience. If you are a Monty Python’s fan like me then it will definitely win you as well. There are numerous bonus rounds but there are also a lot of references – mini clips from the actual movie which makes this slot game very entertaining.

While travelling around Europe, I have visited a few countries and noticed that not all slot games are available to play everywhere. This has to do with different legislation in every country. For example when i was in Greece i noticed that there are only a handful of online casinos that you are allowed to access from there which limits the slot games you can play obviously. I found a Greek slot games site called ( apparently froutakia means slots in Greek but it could also mean fruits…) and with a simple google translation i managed to find out a few more things about the situation ( which I will explain in detail in a future article).

Just wanted to mention it because it was such a same not to able to play Gladiator from there. Oh well..never mind. Hopefully by the next time i visit Greece the regulatiojns might have changed and i will be able to play any game.