Slot machines: Play to win

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Slots start gaining popularity in beginning of the 20th century. Since then they travelled long way attracting vast audience across the world. Here is a brief overview of slot machine history and development.

History of slot machines

The first slot machine was designed by Pitman and Sachs in 1891with help of five drums, each drum showing poker hand symbol. When the players would win the game, machines would not pay out rather the casino owners would provide the players with prizes. Four years later Charles Fey introduced a new version of the slot machine which worked on the similar way as a modern machine, providing the players with cash at matching symbols. This resulted in rising popularity of poker games until a ban was enacted on slot machines by anti-gambling groups. Although the ban didn’t last for too long and slot machines regained their popularity in casinos. In 1953, a gaming company from Australia named Aristocrat started a new trend by starting manufacturing of their own slot machines. Their first slot machine was named “clubman”.
During 1965, casinos in Las Vegas started using electronic Slot machines. When compared to mechanical slot machines, these machines were more secure and difficult to cheat. At the same time, random number generator was designed and added to slot machines making the game more unpredictable. Over the next few decades, slots remain unchanged until in 21 century we begin to see online slots. The first online casino went live around 2001 and at the same time online slot machines were introduced.

How Slot machines work

Microprocessors named random number generators controls the slot machines by generating random sequences. When you play in slot machines, most of the times everything goes fine in first and second reels but the entire game in ruined in the final reel, this is how the slot machines are programmed and allure players. Everything that has to do with online slots and online casinos in general in the UK is regulated  by online casinos

Tips on how to play slots

These are basic tips for online casinos for beginners

1) If you have lots of coins and bet the max, choose the machine with higher payouts and payback. Higher the payback better are the chances of winning, recommended is 95% or above.

2) Choose slot machines offering more spins, higher bonuses, and jackpots.

3) Practice, if you are aiming to win. Most casinos offer free games, avail these opportunities to practice. Try to develop your own techniques to play and win.

4) Slots aren’t just to earn cash, enjoy the game and you will have greater chances of winning.

5) Playing slot games can be addicting, you must set amount and time for play. Once you win, don’t play on the same machine as it won’t make you win again and you may end up losing your prize money.

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