Roulette Tips


Majority of the casino goers feel that there is no other casino game as interesting and paying as the Roulette.  Even those players who usually visit land based casinos ignore all other games and go straight to the Roulette tables.  The only thing which seems to perturb new players is that they are not making enough money as per their expectations.

After learning how to play Roulette online, the players go straightway to the real money binge playing.  This can lead to untimely loss of the bankroll and the will of the player to participate further in this game. Roulette like any other casino game relies on luck and chance so one should enjoy this game in a stress free environment without fretting about regaining the lost money.  In this article we will go through some Roulette tips which can help you to enjoy this game without going overboard with your money.

Bankroll Management

In order to take maximum advantage of your bankroll, beginners should decrease the size of their bets in proportion to size of the bankroll.  This will allow you to stay in the game for a longer duration.

Practice Makes the Man Perfect

 Always opt for the practice games as they can allow you to learn the nuances related with the Roulette.  Going through online articles in relation to how to be successfully play roulette also helps. Only opt for the real money version when you are totally sure of your capabilities.

Know When to Say No

Once you are hit by the negative variation, chances are that more you play more money you will lose .  Always set up a profit and loss goal so that you do not take unnecessary risks in throes of passion during the game.

Avail Benefit of the Free Game

It is always beneficial to play free Roulette games which are provided by the online as well as land based casinos.  Some of the online casinos provide cash bonuses which can be redeemed in cash.  This will allow you to make some money without risking your own.

Always Bet Outside

Opt to bet on outside chances such as on the colors, Odd/Even, High/Low etc as it is a good strategy for beginners. Though the returns on these options are marginal yet they tend to increase your chances of winning in this game.

Preserve Your Wins

if you have a dedicated bankroll of £50 for your gaming session and want to make up £100 during the game.  Try to take out your initial investment out and play with the money made during the previous sessions.

Opt for European Roulette

The double 00 on the American Roulette table increases the casino edge for this game.  Always try to opt for European Roulette.

Avoid Combination Bets

Majority of the players lose their money by opting for multiple combination bets.  Always remember that all of these combination bets provide same house edge, irrespective of the number of the bets made by the player.

Only Opt for Reputed Casinos

Always opt for the online casinos supported by reputed auditing/testing agencies like eCOGRA or EGBA.  This ensures that the casino under their supervision is providing fair gaming and is protecting the interest of its players.  Going through Payout percentages provided by such online casinos also help the players. By doing so you can understand the risk associated with this game and  make appropriate gaming strategies