Responsible Gambling and the BeGambleAware® Site

With each passing day, more and more online casinos and gambling sites are now becoming part of the booming online gambling business.  With the rise of these sites, there is a conception that a large number of people have now also started experiencing the adverse affects of gambling.  Due to this there is much debate in public policy programs regarding gambling and its ill effects.  Keeping the harms associated with gambling as form of an addiction, now the stake holders and regulators both lays stress on responsible gamblingResponsible gambling should not only be the concern of the service providers but also for the players.

Gambling as such should never be treated as a mean to generate income.  It is purely a fun activity or pastime which is there to provide entertainment.  While majority of people have self control regarding the amount of time and money they spend on this activity, but there are some who cannot control their impulses.   For such people, studying about responsible gambling should be the way forward.  As gambling regulators are quite concerned about addictive gambling, operators are therefore advised to comply with certain principles associated with responsible gambling.   The seven areas which are covered by online gaming operators in order to adhere to responsible gambling include the following.

  • Protecting vulnerable players.
  • Preventing underage gambling.
  • Security against online criminal activities.
  • Safeguarding personal information of players.
  • Prompt and transparent payment system.
  • Secure and safe online gaming environment for players.
  • Ethical and accountable marketing.

In order to follow these guidelines, online casinos now uses certain gaming software programs as well as anti-piracy set ups.  They also follow certain processes during the registration period in order to avoid underage gambling.   Self exclusion programs and tools to create financial limits are also being provided to the players.   Along with these measures, online casino and gaming sites are also responsible to display information about special organizations.  These organizations offer support and help the player to learn about responsible gambling.  The most prominent one of such organizations in United Kingdom is BeGambleAware®.


BeGambleAware® is an UK based independent charity funded by the gambling industry under the Gambling Act 2005.  This online site provides information as well as help to the people suffering from the negative impact of gambling.  BeGambleAware® helps the players to make informed decision regarding any type of gambling.  This site covers certain areas in order to help the gamblers.  These areas include the following.

  • Information about all types gambling.
  • Meaning of safer gambling
  • To understand and recognize addictive gambling.
  • Where to find further information or help if required.

According to this site, anyone can suffer from addictive gambling without any discrimination of age, sex, ethnicity or social standing.  BeGambleAware® lays stress on the fact that there are certain groups of gamblers which are more prone to addictive gambling.  These are the people who start gambling at an early age or have a family history related with addictive gambling.

Problem gambling can also be called “hidden addiction” and is just like alcohol or drug addiction.  The sufferer seldom feels that he or she is going through gambling problem until it is too late.  The impact of addictive gambling not only has an impact on the sufferer but can be also very stressful for his family and friends.  If you are or any of your loved one is going through gambling problem, then it is the right time to visit BeGambleAware® site or call the National Gambling Helpline.