Games Available at Casino Sites Online

Casino Sites came into existence in the late 90s along with the rise of internet usage around the world.  Internet in that era was a new source of information and a unique platform to access different sorts of entertainment.  Today it is playing a vital role in our day to day activities so the online casino sites are taking a full advantage of this phenomenon.

Gambling or taking risk is quite natural for majority of human beings as it provides the required adrenaline rush. This fact is further corroborated by the stupendous success of online casinos sites which cater different games to their clients.  This industry is now a multi-billion business thus attracting more and more game providers into this business.  The main reason behind the rising success of online casino sites is the fact that playing online games is much better than participating in the real games.   These sites provide different games to their clients ranging from classic casino games to other popular games such as bingo.

Here are some of the different types of games provided by online casino sites to their clients.

Online Video Slots

Slot machine games provided by the online casinos sites work just like the slots available at land based casinos and game arcades. A player just needs to place a bet and hit the spin button to participate in these games.  Once the reels have come to rest, different configuration or combination of symbols on a pay line provide different payouts.  No previous experience or expertise is needed by the player to participate in slot games.  Apart from classic fruit games, slots are now available in different genres catering to people with different tastes.

Video Poker

As in the classic poker game, the game play behind video poker also involves getting the best possible poker hand.  A player needs to make a wager and then the five cards are dealt randomly.  The player is provided with a choice of either discarding some or all of the five cards.  Once the discarded cards are replaced, prizes are declared based on the quality of hand and the pay table associated with the particular game.  The most popular video poker games include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker’s Wild.


This is one of the classic casino games and involves drawing cards with combined value of equal/ close to 21 or better than that of the dealer.  All high cards are valued as 10. Depending upon the game, Ace comes with value of either 1 or 11.


Popularly referred as King of casino games, Roulette is available in European/French and American version at online casino sites.  This game does not involve any type of skill but solely depends upon the luck of the player.  All that required is to make a bet on a number, group of numbers, colour and other betting options. The dealer then spins the wheel and a ball is dropped in the opposite direction of the spin.  When the roulette wheel comes to rest, the ball slides into one of the slots and the winner is declared.

The other games available at online casino sites also include craps, keno, bingo, baccarat, Sic Bo and many more.