Casino House Edge Explained

Have you ever wondered about how casinos run their business and make money?  The simplest answer to this question is the casino house edge.  You will not be surprised to know that all casinos whether land based or online have a built-in advantage over their clients.  The casino house edge allows the gaming service provider to collect an average profit from each game available in its portfolio.  For example in game like European roulette, there is a casino house edge of 5 percent.  This means that on every hundred Euros played on this game, casino receives five Euros as its profit and provides the remaining amount in the form of winnings to the players.

This does not mean that if you bet hundred Euros at a one go then you are going to get ninety five Euros back.  On the contrary in such scenario you are either going to lose the entire amount or you can win more than that of your wager.

Casino House Edge and Average Loss

All the casino games ranging from slot games to table games provides an unequal chance to the player as compared to the banker or the gaming provider.   The nature and structure of these games is such that they always provide an advantage to the house.   This advantage or casino house edge is measured in percentage of the amount retained by the casino from each hand, spin or from the normal play of a game. In other words one can say that casino house edge is the average loss suffered by all the players in due course of a game.

Casino House Edge in Card Games

In the games such as baccarat and blackjack the casino house edge is in the favour of the dealer.  This means that the dealer wins when a player loses, even if his or her own hand is a bust.  This is due to the fact that dealer controls the bank.  In contrast to this situation, the player only wins if there is a superior hand as compared to the dealer.  It should be also noted that the casino house edge tends to fluctuate in a card game like blackjack based on the techniques used by the players.  It can also vary because of the odds paid by the individual casinos.

Importance of Knowing Casino House Edge

Knowing about the house edge enjoyed by a casino for a particular game of your interest helps in the following ways.

  • If there is a small house edge, it means that you are more likely win in that game.
  • Games with higher house edge tend to grind your money at a faster pace resulting in running out of bankroll in a shorter period of time.
  • Longer the money lasts, the longer you can play thus creating more opportunity to hit a win.

How to Beat Casino House Edge

Now the big question is why people tend to play when they know that casino has the advantage over them?   The answer is that even with casino house edge; there is still a possibility to win the game.  There are certain tips which can allow a player to lower the casino house edge.  Always remember that house edge is just a part of the game equation.  It also involves size of the bets, time period and gaming strategy.  Here are some tips which can help you to lower down the casino house edge.

  • Only opt for the games with lowest house edge.
  • Learn to strategize your game.
  • Opt for small number of bets in a particular period of time.
  • Take advantage of complimentary gifts provided by the casinos.
  • Be prepared to quit while you are still ahead in the game.