Casino Celebrities

All the famous casinos of Las Vegas and other exotic places all over the world have always been favourite haunts of celebrities from Hollywood as well as world of sports.  There is no secret to the fact that these casino celebrities like to spend their money to have a good time and a shot of adrenaline rush.  Due to some issues associated with their privacy most of these VIP players tend to play online casino games.  On the other hand when they visit casinos, they are provided and tend to opt for private gambling areas so we don’t hear much about their antics there.

The ones who do not have any problem mingling with crowds of their fans usually opt to participate in their favourite games at land based casinos.  Some of the casino celebrities who are well known for frequently visiting land based casinos include the following.

Jennifer Tilly

One of the most famous casino celebrities is Jennifer Tilly.  She won a WSOP bracelet in 2005.  She is also known for her relationship with Phil Laak, a top poker player.  Though Jennifer Tilly declared her retirement from active participation in poker events in 2008, but she was back into the game in 2012.  It is a well known fact that she likes to wear dresses which expose a lot of her cleavage while participating in casino games.  This can be her strategy to divert the attention of her male competitors. Even though she denies it but you can’t be sure.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck apart from being a famous actor and director is also known for his prowess at poker tables.  He won California State Poker Championship in 2004.  He is a big roller when it comes to play Blackjack and it is well established fact that he once won more than $950,000 while playing this game.  Ben Affleck was also in the news in the past when he was caught by Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for card counting.  There is a rumour that he may have been banned by casinos but he totally denies this report.

Pamela Anderson

This blonde beauty from one of the world famous television series “Baywatch” likes to play poker.  She is quite famous for her love of gambling and can be frequently found at slots sections of Vegas casinos.   In 2007, it was rumoured that she had lost more than $250,000 to Antonio Esfandiari.  How she paid him back is still a subject of discourse between the people who take interest in world of gambling.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, the world famous golf player, won the US Masters when he was just 21 years old.  He became professional golf player in 1996 and is still known for his trio of records.  For the past some time he has been in news because of totally different reasons related with his personal life. Tiger Woods apart from being a master of golf is also an avid gambler.  He started playing Blackjack when he was in his early twenties.  At that time he used to visit $100 tables but now he is known as one of the top high rollers frequenting these casinos.  His dedication for gambling is quite evident from the fact that Tiger Woods foundation organizes a yearly celebrity poker tournament to raise money for charity.  This tournament is known as “Tiger Jam”.