Baccarat Tips

There are some Baccarat tips which can help a player who is trying to use some basic strategies to increase his chances of winning.  After learning how to play baccarat online and due course of practice one can clearly understand that there are specific baccarat tips for both online and land based games.   This means that some tips which are good for an online game cannot be as good for a real live game.  While going through these tips, one must always have a consideration of the fact that these are not just tricks, but good advice gleaned after serious study of the game.

Baccarat is the most elegant casino game mostly favored by high rollers.  The game play comes with an extremely dramatic outcome with players betting on one of the given choices between “The Player” and “The Banker” to have the highest scoring hand.  Though it can be a bit hard for a newbie to play this game but you can learn this game quite easily in a short span of time.  It is always better to have full knowledge of the rules governing this game in order to take maximum benefit of the below mentioned baccarat tips.

Importance of Learning the Odds

In the game of Baccarat, a player is literally blindly betting on the odds provided to him. You have to make a choice of betting either on the Banker’s hand or on the Player’s.  It is just like betting on coin toss.  If we consider the odds associated with this game then we will note that there are only slight odds in favor of the house.  There are 1.06 % odds on the Banker’s bet and 1.24 % on the Player’s.

Keeping Record of the Bets

Always use a scorecard to keep track of the wins and losses on the bets made on particular hands.   As this game involves multiple bets during its course, develop your strategy of betting alternatively on both choices by studying the patterns depicted on the scorecard. While opting for this tip always make sure to

  • Keep a proper record of all the outcomes.
  • Use special check marks for correct calls.
  • Watch the pattern emerging and study them.
  • Always opt for the side to which the game seems to be going for at a particular time.

Never Break a Run

Betting in Baccarat involves a huge amount of instinct rather than the logic.  According to the wise men of this game, one must not break a run.  This means that if you are betting on the Banker and it is continuously winning then do not suddenly start betting upon the Player.  Always stick to your strategy and watch the pattern emerging from the game.  If there is a switch in the patterns only then start betting on the other choice.

Betting on the Banker

It is always safe to bet on the Banker whenever you are in doubt.  Once you start betting, then continue till it starts to lose then opt for the other choice.  The reason behind this tip can be attributed to the fact that it is always safe to go with the choice with higher house odds.