3 Most Famous Casinos in Macau

Once upon a time, Las Vegas was the ultimate destination for the gamblers from all over the world.  With the change in time, Southeast Asia became a financial hub and a top tourist destination.  Now there are many other places to go for twenty four hour gambling rather than going back to the Strip.  Macau is known as the gambler’s paradise and is much bigger than Las Vegas.  If we put our belief in the news circulating in the gambling echelons, it seems that more money is gambled in Macau as compared to anywhere else.

Party never seems to stop at this city with its thirty three casinos and several entertainment joints.  If we go through the history of Macau then this city came into limelight just a decade ago.   Before that gambling in this city was under the monopoly of Stanley Ho, founder and chairman of SJM Holdings.  Ten years ago, Macau government decided to cut short Stanley Ho’s hold on the city.  This decision allowed the other operators to become a part of SJM Holdings thus opening the flood gates of development.

Presently Macau is one of the top destinations for gambling as it generates five times more revenue than Las Vegas.  Being a crowded market place, there are ample of places to look, but the 3 most famous casinos in Macau are as follows.

Wynn Macau

Wynn Macau was one of the first casino resorts which was established in 2006. It was designed to resemble the reputed casinos on the Strip at Las Vegas.  It further saw some expansion in 2010 and addition of a tower to its existing infrastructure.  This extension made Wynn Macau the biggest hotel on the peninsula with more than thousand rooms and suites for its clients.

The casino of Wynn Macau currently occupies more than two hundred thousand square feet of dedicated gaming space.  The low ceilings and dim lights used by this casino make it a perfect choice for those who like to have personal gambling experience.  As compared to other casinos, the minimum bets at tables of Wynn Macau are considerably high.  Fortunately, this drawback gets compensated by the excellent service provided by its staff.  Most of the poker enthusiasts like to play at the Poker Rom as it provides classic variants of poker such as Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is the biggest one on the Macau peninsula.   It also boasts of having the world’s biggest casino with more than five hundred thousand square feet of dedicated gaming area.   This casino is owned by Las Vegas Sands group and took more than three billion dollars for its construction.  This hotel provides the charms of Venice and no expense have been spared to do so.  It also has a Grand Canal Shoppes, giving its clients a chance to be serenaded by gondoliers while enjoying a ride on a gondola.

Being one of the world’s largest casinos, there is lot of foot falls and a huge number of tourists visiting the casino of Venetian Macao.  There are more than five hundred casino games available here that include classics such as roulette, baccarat, poker and Sic Bo.   Apart from classic casino games, this casino also has more than two thousand slot games.  If you are a Sic Bo enthusiast then you can find more than forty tables dedicated to this game.  The minimal wagering for this game starts at US $39.  If you like to participate in the game which gives the best odds to its player then Craps is certainly the game of choice.   The only drawback is that one needs to look around a bit as there is only one table dedicated to this game.

City of Dreams

This hotel is just located across the road from the Venetian Macao.  It has more than four hundred thousand square feet of gaming dedicated area.  This hotel’s casino has more than four hundred casino table games and about thirteen hundred of slots/electronic games.  All the usual games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Sic Bo are available in this casino.

City of Dreams casino also hosts Poker Star Live which attracts players from more than seventy countries from all over the globe.  Red Dragon, a major poker tournament, takes place after every two months and has a buy in of US $1419.  Poker Star Live also hosts Asian Championship Poker.