My top 3 Slot Games

We all have our favorites when it comes to casino games. Some people prefer roulette some blackjack etc and some just love casino slots. I am one of these slot games lovers! I get so excited when i play slots and hit a bonus round but i also get very disappointed when i don’t hit a bonus round of course…its not happening every time. However the excitement i get when i hit that bonus round is much bigger than when i win at the blackjack or roulette table. Below are my top 3 casino slot games of all times ( until now)

Gladiator Slot


This slot game has paid me so many times that its definitely on my top 3 mainly because of the bonus round. The Colosseum bonus round is one of the best and most well paid bonus rounds i have come across. Just hit 3 Colosseum scatter symbols and you are through to the bonus round where you get random free spins, multiplier and scatters. There is also always the chance to hit the Jackpot 🙂

The Pig Wizard Slot

pig wizzard Bonus

Another slot game that is one of my favorites because of the bonus rounds. Once you hot the 3 scatter pig wizard symbols you can choose one of the four bonus rounds. Most of the times these are paying quite well. There are numerous times where you don’t even need a bonus round to get paid well since the pig wizard can randomly freeze entire columns with scatters and then you are up for a good payout.

Life of Brian Slot

life of brian slot game

This one is a quite recent slot game but it has already won enough points for me to get a place in the top 3. The Life of Brian slot game is based on the Monty Pythons movie of course and i picked this one not so much for the payout of the bonus rounds but for the overall experience. If you are a Monty Python’s fan like me then it will definitely win you as well. There are numerous bonus rounds but there are also a lot of references – mini clips from the actual movie which makes this slot game very entertaining.

Live Casino Games

A lot of new casino players are wondering what the deal with live casinos online. Are these the same casino games you can find at a brick and mortar casinos? Are the rules the same? Do you need to be a member to play at a live casino online? On this article we will look at this common questions.


What are Live Casino Games

Live casino games like live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat etc are exactly the same casino games you can find at any land based casino. The same games you play offline, the same games you can play online real time with live dealers. Instead of a computer software dealing the blackjack cards to you there is a live dealer doing this for example. The live dealers give a more interactive feeling to the game and its like you are in a land based casino, however you are at your own house, at a cafe or somewhere else. You can chat with the live dealer live you can do at a real casino. Obviously there might be a few seconds delay compared to the face to face interaction.

Are the rules the same at live casino games

Yes the rules for live roulette, blackjack and any other casino game are universal regardless if you are playing at your local casino or online. Same rules, same way of betting, same odds ( depending on the game of course). So exactly the same game rules apply offline and online with live dealers


Do I need to be a member of the casino to play with live dealers

Some casino players and especially new casino players are getting confused very often between casino membership and registration. You can be a member of the casino but in order to play online with live dealers you will need to register online. Exactly the same way you do to play normal casino games, slots etc.

Where can I find more info about live casino games

Obviously on this article we cover the basics of live casino games. If you need more detailed info as well as specific promotions for live casinos then there are a few authority sites out there like that provide all that information to you.

The game of Roulette and how to play

In gambling the game of roulette is frequently played. People make big money out of playing it but there is basic information about it that may just be of use to gambling enthusiasts. The game of roulette originated in France in 1655 and it was invented by famous scientists Blaise Pascal. The game was first played at a casino in Paris. There are many other theories which claim to be the origins of roulette but this one is the one which holds water. The others like the ones which suggest that French Dominican monks invented it lack enough substance to support it. In French the word Roulette’ translates to small wheel. In the mid-1800s, the game made its way to Germany where the European style roulette wheel was developed, it has a single green zero picket as the earlier versions of the roulette had red and black pockets and green zeros added to avoid confusion. Initially, roulette was illegal in America but it is now played legally in casinos. Check out these roulette stats

Roulette Betting Options

Roulette has different betting options. The inside and outside bets. The outside bets include larger cluster of numbers while the inside has a smaller cluster of numbers. Each roulette has a minimum and maximum bet. The maximum bet is to make sure that the casino does not lose out lots of money from consummate players. And the minimum bet is for profitable losers. The roulette is played by spinning. When the dealer says, “place your bets,” the player is supposed to place their gambling chips on the betting table. The dealer then rotates the rotor which contains the pockets. The dealer who is known as a croupier spins the ball in the opposite direction of the rotor. Players can still can still place their bets at this moment until the dealer announces that there should be no more bets. This is after approximately 4 to 5 revolutions.

When the ball falls the croupier will place a Dolly, which is a marker on the betting table, on the winning number. The dealer will rake or use his hands to collect all the losing bets before paying out the winnings. The payout winnings are given in the form of casino chips. They are placed to each individual’s winning bet. The winning number is displayed on a screen called a marquee. Roulette has seen people walk away with millions of dollars making it among the top popular casino games. It is also a great chance for people to bond.

Slot machines: Play to win


Slots start gaining popularity in beginning of the 20th century. Since then they travelled long way attracting vast audience across the world. Here is a brief overview of slot machine history and development.

History of slot machines

The first slot machine was designed by Pitman and Sachs in 1891with help of five drums, each drum showing poker hand symbol. When the players would win the game, machines would not pay out rather the casino owners would provide the players with prizes. Four years later Charles Fey introduced a new version of the slot machine which worked on the similar way as a modern machine, providing the players with cash at matching symbols. This resulted in rising popularity of poker games until a ban was enacted on slot machines by anti-gambling groups. Although the ban didn’t last for too long and slot machines regained their popularity in casinos. In 1953, a gaming company from Australia named Aristocrat started a new trend by starting manufacturing of their own slot machines. Their first slot machine was named “clubman”.
During 1965, casinos in Las Vegas started using electronic Slot machines. When compared to mechanical slot machines, these machines were more secure and difficult to cheat. At the same time, random number generator was designed and added to slot machines making the game more unpredictable. Over the next few decades, slots remain unchanged until in 21 century we begin to see online slots. The first online casino went live around 2001 and at the same time online slot machines were introduced.

How Slot machines work

Microprocessors named random number generators controls the slot machines by generating random sequences. When you play in slot machines, most of the times everything goes fine in first and second reels but the entire game in ruined in the final reel, this is how the slot machines are programmed and allure players. Everything that has to do with online slots and online casinos in general in the UK is regulated  by online casinos

Tips on how to play slots

These are basic tips for online casinos for beginners

1) If you have lots of coins and bet the max, choose the machine with higher payouts and payback. Higher the payback better are the chances of winning, recommended is 95% or above.

2) Choose slot machines offering more spins, higher bonuses, and jackpots.

3) Practice, if you are aiming to win. Most casinos offer free games, avail these opportunities to practice. Try to develop your own techniques to play and win.

4) Slots aren’t just to earn cash, enjoy the game and you will have greater chances of winning.

5) Playing slot games can be addicting, you must set amount and time for play. Once you win, don’t play on the same machine as it won’t make you win again and you may end up losing your prize money.